Schools need better funding in 2018

Lib Dem Councillors in Cambridgeshire have renewed their call for better funding for Cambridgeshire schools as a County Council report admits increasing problems. Before Christmas, the Lib Dems proposed that the County Council lobby the government to improve local funding but the Conservatives re...

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Conservatives keep their heads in the sand over County Council finances

Public services will suffer as the Conservatives refuse to face up to reality over the County Council’s finances. In the current financial year, many services are way over budget and the situation is getting worse.  Conservative run Cambridgeshire County Council has a budget which is based on mak...

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Lib Dems call for County Council to better job ensuring enough school places

Lib Dems in Cambridgeshire want to see the County Council do a better job predicting the number of children needing school places in areas with new housing developments.  The call comes after the County Council finally admitted it had to change its assumptions about how many school-age children l...

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