Call for action on air quality wins cross party support

Cllr Lorna Dupré has won cross-party support from Cambridgeshire County Council for her call to action to improve air quality across Cambridgeshire.  It has been estimated that there were 257 deaths attributable to particulate air pollution in Cambridgeshire in 2010 (the most recent figure availa...

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Britain needs a People's Vote on Brexit

Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats have called on Cambridgeshire County Council to recognise the damage that Brexit will cause to the county and to Britain and to back a People’s Vote on the final deal. The Lib Dems want the people of Britain to have the final say with the option of staying in the EU.

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It's not their fault

The news last week that Cambridgeshire County Council is requiring some of its staff to take ‘unpaid leave’ between Xmas and New Year is alarming on at least two fronts, writes Councillor David Jenkins. Firstly CCC seems to be running out of money. As a senior finance officer said ‘we are simply ...

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