Lib Dems press for action to reduce air pollution

Liberal Democrats are pushing for real action to tackle air pollution around Cambridgeshire.

Lib Dem Councillors have persuaded the County Council to bring together key decision-makers from across the county to spread best practice on how to improve air quality as more evidence emerges about the damaging effect of air pollution on people’s health.

Britain is failing to meet decent standards for air quality; targets that should have been met by 2010 won’t be reached until 2026 according to the latest estimates.

“Air pollution is having a real impact on people’s health. The pollution may be mostly invisible but people with breathing or heart problems suffer very real problems and there’s plenty that could be done about it,” said Cllr David Jenkins.

“It’s clear that most public bodies in this county are not yet taking the issue seriously, least of all the government agencies. I hope this conference will be the starting point for effective action.”

Every year around 50,000 early deaths in Britain are linked to air pollution, with a higher proportion of early deaths than every country in western Europe save Belgium and Italy.

The conference aims to bring together government agencies working in Cambridgeshire such as the Highways Agency with its responsibility for the A14 and the Environment Agency as well as local bodies.

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