Cambs Lib Dems renew call for proper funding for local schools

Lib Dem Councillors in Cambridgeshire want local schools to get the funding they need to cope with inflation.

Without it, schools are having to axe teachers, cut back on the range of subjects available and are reducing support for children with learning difficulties.

“Schools are facing real-terms cuts to their budgets,” said Cllr Peter Downes. “The government has provided too little money for schools to cope with the last five years of inflation and I hope we can get cross-party support to press the government to rectify the situation.”

Cllr Downes has tabled the following motion for debate at the County Council meeting on 12 December:

Council welcomes the government’s intention to implement a national funding formula for the distribution of resources to schools.

Council notes that this formula will begin to address the issue of inequity in school funding but fails to do so as fully as anticipated.

Council welcomes the government’s announcement that £1.3 billion over two years will be added to the quantum for schools.

Council notes however that this increase is not sufficient to compensate for the failure to fund inflation over the last 5 years and regrets the impact this is having on schools which are

a. having to reduce the number of teachers

b. narrowing the curriculum offer to students,

c. restricting the support given to children with learning difficulties and

d. finding it difficult to provide the equipment and materials needed for a 21 st century education.

Council therefore calls on the Leader to write to the Secretary of State for Education drawing her attention to this motion and urging her to use whatever influence she has on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to increase the quantum available for education at the earliest opportunity. 

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