Conservatives keep their heads in the sand over County Council finances

Public services will suffer as the Conservatives refuse to face up to reality over the County Council’s finances.

In the current financial year, many services are way over budget and the situation is getting worse. 

Conservative run Cambridgeshire County Council has a budget which is based on making massive savings in children’s social care, yet the numbers of children in care keep rising, leading to a £4 million overspend.  The picture in Adult Social Care is heading in the same direction.

Conservative Councillors keep peddling the myth that they can provide for growing populations on a shrinking budget, but the figures tell a different story. 

They need to face up to the fact that lack of investment in early help services is leading to an ever increasing financial cost, as well as the incredibly painful human cost of broken families and lonely older people.

Raising Council Tax would allow the council to set a balanced budget, and to invest in services to give families the support they need to look after their children and older people.

Lib Dem Group Leader Lucy Nethsingha said, “The overall financial situation is desperate and the Conservatives are behaving irresponsibly. They are proposing horrendous cuts to crucial services like children’s centres because the Council is short of money but these services save money in the end by providing decent support for struggling families. Cutting these services leads to higher costs in the end, as the overspend in children’s social care shows.”

A 2% Council Tax rise would raise £5 million and cost the average 'Band D' household an extra 50p a week. The vast majority of Conservative run councils are raising council tax, Cambridgeshire Conservatives are demanding more cuts than similar councils. 

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