Lib Dems call for County Council to better job ensuring enough school places

Lib Dems in Cambridgeshire want to see the County Council do a better job predicting the number of children needing school places in areas with new housing developments. 

The call comes after the County Council finally admitted it had to change its assumptions about how many school-age children live in every 100 new homes.

Lib Dem group leader Lucy Nethsingha said, “Parents and children across Cambridgeshire have suffered through a lack of school places caused by poor planning by the County Council. It has systematically underestimated the number of children living in new housing developments and that has hurt many people across this fast-growing county.”

“The County Council must now do a better job estimating school numbers everywhere, not just in new developments,” said Lucy.

“The bottom line is that we need to have better predictions in enough time to make sure that enough school places are available. The County Council has been failing badly for a long time.”

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