Cuts to Race Equality services are bound to increase racial differences

Cambs County Council has come under fire for cutting grants to its Race Equality services to schools, rather than using the recent tax-rise to continue them.

Cllr Lucy Nethsingha, Leader of the county' s LibDem Group said this week: "Most people in Cambridgeshire deplore racially-motivated tensions , which CREDS, the Cambridgeshire Race Equality and Diversity Service exists to combat in schools."

"However, at a time when the focus on Brexit politics has heightened these tensions, Cambridgeshire Council has decided to disband CREDS entirely. CREDS does really good work helping Roma and other disadvantaged children to integrate into our society. I cannot understand people who are content to see children suffering in this country and educational inequality getting worse."

"This looks suspiciously like a sneaky cut to a little known service, unpopular with those Conservative Brexit supporters who would rather see all immigrants leave the UK. Reducing immigration will harm the county's agriculture, NHS and education sector, all of which are vital to our local economy. Supporting some of the most vulnerable children is in all our interests; we desperately need to improve educational standards, particularly in the north and east of the County, and this move will reduce the support available for our schools to help the most vulnerable pupils."

"We need to recognise that cultural and language differences exist, and do our best to minimise the tensions these can cause by helping youngsters to understand our way of life, to feel accepted and do well in our schools.


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