Petition against charging for library internet use

Liberal Democrats in Cambridgeshire have launched a campaign to protect people’s free internet access at libraries.

The Conservatives have proposed a charge for people using the internet at the library for more than half an hour and the Lib Dems are campaigning to stop this unfair charge being introduced

Liberal Democrats believe that access to the internet is a key element of equality in the modern world, and that the County Council has a responsibility to provide internet access to those, who for reasons of finance or where they live may not have high quality internet access in their homes. 

Those living in poverty or in rural areas are already isolated in many ways. To charge for internet access in libraries will only deepen the inequalities in our county. Jobseekers and those receiving Universal Credit are likely to suffer particularly, as they are obliged to spend many hours looking for work in order to receive their benefits.

The Lib Dem petition can be found here.

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