County Council must come clean on state of roads

Histon & Impington councillor David Jenkins is campaigning for the County Council to look after our roads, cyclepaths and pavements properly.

“The terrible state of our highways is obvious to everyone. The Council must come clean about how much is needed to keep them in a decent state,” said Cllr Jenkins.

He has submitted a motion for debate at the next Council meeting calling on the council to clarify what is needed and set about finding the money.

The motion reads:

Council notes that:

  • Both revenue and capital spend on highways maintenance has declined in recent years;
  • Capital spend is funded from a loan and will reduce to zero in 2022/23; and
  • Revenue spend is largely grant funded with no guarantee of continuing availability.

It furthermore notes that:

  • Highway conditions as measured by annual surveys have slowly but steadily declined in recent years; and
  • There’s a general impression that pothole incidence is increasing.

Council recognises that roads in poor condition:

  • can be unsafe and can cause vehicle damage; and
  • are a poor advertisement for a county which is supposed to be an national economic driver.

Council therefore call upon the Highways & Community Infrastructure Committee to:

  • determine what investment would be needed in order to improve road conditions to a level whereby ongoing repairs are reduced
  • secure such investment and associated resources to be able to carry it though
  • budget for a level of revenue spend which ensures that the investment can be supported.

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