Lib Dems continue fight against Conservative plans to squeeze money out of poor people who need care

Cambridgeshire Lib Dems continue to oppose unfair demands for money being made upon people who need care.

The Conservative County Council wants to charge people on very low incomes more for their care.

The plans would see a pensioner on a small £43 per week private pension paying an extra £100 a week for respite care and a working-age man living only on benefits would have to pay out an extra £28 a week for home care.

In a formal consultation carried out by the council , the Conservative plans got a big thumbs down from the public with most saying the proposals would hurt the poor and most vulnerable .

 The public were very clear: the different parts of the scheme were disliked by 82%, 74% and 64% of respondents.

“These proposals are hugely unfair to people who are poor and need care,” said Lib Dem Councillor Graham Wilson.

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