Road safety should be given higher priority

With the number of people killed and seriously injured on Cambridgeshire roads rising significantly, Conservative transport bosses are neglecting road safety, according to the Lib Dems.

“Unfortunately, serious accidents on Cambridgeshire’s roads are getting more common,” said Lib Dem leader on the County Council Lucy Nethsingha. “But instead of investing in road safety measures to cut accident levels, the Mayor and Conservative County Council are pouring money into more and more consultants reports for roads we don’t yet know we need or can afford.”

£13 million has been poured into a fen east of Ely to salvage the mismanaged Ely bypass while a few miles away, the same road is an accident blackspot with an ever-increasing number of serious accidents.

“We know the Conservatives aren’t putting enough money into road repairs. Now it’s clear they are ignoring their responsibility to make roads safe,” added Lucy.

“Paying a string of consultants millions to investigate new road schemes when existing roads are both hugely potholed and increasingly unsafe is madness.”

Speaking after Tuesday’s Highways Committee meeting, Cllr David Jenkins said:

“The Council needs to put more effort into road safety and the basics of road maintenance. Unpainted white lines and warning signs covered by overgrown hedges are dangerous, unfilled potholes are damaging our cars.”

“It also needs to continue to fund schemes such as the Bikeability cycle training for primary schools which encourage users of our roads to do so more safely and confidently.”

“These are basic and important functions of the council and it needs to do a better job.”

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