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Welcome to the Bar Hill county division page covering Bar Hill, Dry Drayton, Lolworth and Girton parishes.

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Edna Murphy

Lib Dem county councillor for Bar Hill

Corinne Garvie

Lib Dem district councillor for Girton

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Edna Murphy, the Lib Dem county councillor candidate for Bar Hill, has lived in Cambridgeshire for more than 35 years, and has seen huge changes in that time. Pressures on transport and the environment make her concerned about sustainability and fairness in society.

Edna is campaigning for better provision for pedestrians and cyclists, and wants to see a safe footpath around the ring road in Bar Hill, for example. And to help people who want to cycle, it’s important to ensure potholes are properly fixed. There are too many HGVs going through villages such as Dry Drayton, and their weight is damaging the roads, which then aren’t repaired adequately.

For high-growth areas like Girton, it’s so important that there are facilities such as a post office and a pharmacy tha can serve the whole community. Edna’s fellow Lib Dem campaigner, Corinne Garvie, is standing for district councillor for Girton ward, and will be pushing for better amenities for the community.

Corinne has lived in Girton for 33 years and worked 40 years for the NHS. She is currently a local school governor and footpath officer for the parish, and would now like to do more to support the great community of Girton, listening to its residents in order to make it even better.

Corinne has also run Girlguiding units for 20 years and been a trainer and assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, all in order to help girls and young women become resourceful, resilient and able to take on new challenges.

She is concerned by the amount of HGV traffic using unsuitable routes in and around our villages, and will push for the little old bridge on Oakington Road to be replaced with one safer for modern-day traffic.

Corinne is also keen to improve safety for cyclists in the Girton area, for instance for families wanting to cross Girton Road near the Huntingdon Road junction.

Supporting the 20mph zone: Following requests from Girton residents, the Lib Dems would like to see the 20mph zone extended into Girton Road and Cambridge Road from Huntingdon Road.

A pavement, please! Edna wants to improve safety on the Bar Hill ring road with a proper pavement and cycle path. “Residents say a pavement and a cycle path would help people get around and improve safety in the village. In practice having a piecemeal approach just doesn’t work,” said Edna. “The fact is people need safe walking and cycling spaces in Bar Hill, and the county council needs to fund this properly in the way it funds other schemes in the county.”

Girton cycling changes need improvement: The Greater Cambridge Partnership has proposed safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, for upper Huntingdon Road at the interchange, and also for the road connecting Oakington to Huntingdon Road.

Edna and Corinne broadly welcome the proposals, but believe they could be better, for instance by extending the raised cycle path further along Huntingdon Road.

Edna said: “If Girton residents wish to get onto the cycle/pedestrian path going towards Dry Drayton, they have to cross Huntingdon Road at the Ridgeway, go down the path shared between cyclists and pedestrians, then cross back over Huntingdon Road at a gap in the dual carriage way. Much better to continue the raised cycle path further along Huntingdon Road and avoid pedestrians and cyclists having to share the path.”

Girton needs a post office: Edna and Corinne have been pushing for a proper post office for the village. With the branch in The George having closed some time ago, and with no post office planned for Eddington, the nearest ones are in Histon and Milton. So Edna has contacted the Co-op Food Group requesting that they consider having a post office in its shop on Girton Road.

“Girton needs a post office!” said Edna. “With growth in Eddington and Darwin Green, there is pressure on local services and demand for a post office will only increase. The support from residents for this campaign has been fantastic. What we need now are practical suggestions for where a counter could go, if the Co-op turns out to not be suitable.”

“A post office is an important community facility. Without it, people have to make extra journeys and may shop less locally. Our area needs more facilities, not fewer,” said Corinne.

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Updated 30/4/2021

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