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Stephen Drew

Lib Dem local campaigner

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Cambourne is a town that hasn’t had the care and attention it should have since it was built.

You only need to look at Northstowe to see how the county council has referred to the mistakes made here in order to make things better there. That's great news for Northstowe residents, but it isn’t helping us here in Cambourne.

Cambourne is facing considerable further expansion, and I want to make sure that the council uses this as an opportunity to improve the existing town.

A proper post office and more shops will have greater viability; we need to attract them here.

Our schools, GPs and other health services will need extra capacity to cope. If it’s done right, that could well be good for existing residents too.

The problem is that the Conservatives in charge have done very little for our town since it was built. We need different people in charge.

The local Lib Dem team are working hard for our area all year round, and are striving to make our town and the neighbouring villages an even better place to live.

Stephen Drew

The Lib Dem plan for our area

1. A better high street
Our town needs a permanent post office and more good shops. Residents shouldn’t need to go into Cambridge for basics, and it would cut congestion and pollution if people could do more of their shopping here.

2. Better public transport
We need better public transport and a proper cycle path to Cambridge, especially for young people going to and from sixth form. The Conservative Mayor’s unrealistic bus tunnels have made no progress in four years. Instead we need a realistic plan that will help Cambourne residents.

3. A fair deal for NHS staff
The 1% pay rise proposed by the Conservatives is an insult to the NHS staff, who have been through so much this past year. Locally, the Lib Dems want better links to Addenbrooke’s so that staff can get to work more easily.

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Updated 22/4/2021

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