Cecilia Liszka

Cecilia Liszka has been a passionate and active campaigner with the Liberal Democrats in Cambridge since joining the party in June last year. Having always had a strong commitment to local issues, knowing how important a sense of community is, and feeling that through politics, people can have the opportunity to change things for the better, joining the Liberal Democrats was a natural step to take to start putting ideas and words into positive action. She has not looked back!

Cecilia is strongly motivated by ensuring that everyone has access to opportunities to live the most fulfilled lives they can, at the same time providing a safe and sustainable environment for people to live, work and grow up in. Individuality, choice and equitability is at the heart of what Cecilia campaigns for in Arbury – meaning a range of sustainable, affordable transport options; truly affordable housing for people who work in some of the most vital yet lower paid jobs; inspiring children and young people with education, activities and aspirations for the future; and ensuring our health and social systems are resourced well enough to support people when they need it.

Cecilia has previously worked with councils, government and housing bodies on energy and climate change, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in marine science. As well as bringing experience from these professional and personal interests, Cecilia cares passionately about improving the lives of the more vulnerable people in society. She has volunteered with Age Concern and Crisis, enhancing her drive to help empower and support people in the ways that help them the most, and giving her vital insight into how to pursue this.

In her downtime, Cecilia loves getting out on her bike, trying to learn the guitar, and is an avid reader – although there is never enough time in the day!

Email: c.m.liszka.02@cantab.net

Twitter: @CeciliaLiszka

Phone: 07970 388064

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