Nicky Shepard

Nicky Shepard

Nicky Shepard 

Nicky Shepard has been campaigning for road safety in Abbey and against senseless cuts to school crossing patrols. She is also working to highlight continued austerity measures of Cambridgeshire County Council that are causing great harm to adult social care in the region and having a terrible knock-on effect on our NHS. She has recently called on the City Deal Board to publish a comprehensive plan for Newmarket Road, to reduce congestion and poisonous fumes.


Nicky Shepard and Rod Cantrill

Nicky with Liberal Democrat Mayoral 
Candidate Rod Cantrill 

Nicky says: “There is so much work we need to do in Abbey. The Fields Children’s Centre is in danger of closing due to funding cuts; the library and community services need to be protected. I could go on, but the fact is that Abbey is a great place to live. It just needs a little TLC after year of slipping behind the pace of progress we see in other areas of Cambridge.”

Nicky has lived in Abbey Ward for 15 years and has been involved in community activity for most of the last 10. She and her husband have two small children, who attend the local primary school. Nicky attends St Barnabas Church in Cambridge and is a member of the local resident’s association.

In her free time, she likes to read, play games with her family and can often be seen watching her boys play football. Nicky is also learning to knit (it isn't going very well...).

Telephone: 07909 545753
Twitter: @NickyShepardFacebook: @theNickyShepard



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