Peter Sandford

Peter has lived in Papworth Everard for the last 14 years.  He works for a multi-national technology company in Cambridge, creating documentation and training materials for digital factory software.  He and his wife have two university-age children, the eldest of which is already active in the local Liberal Democrats.  He is a member of the local resident’s committee and the secretary of Papworth Astronomy Club.  He is also a licensed motorsport flag marshal and, on summer weekends, can be found volunteering to help various classic and vintage car clubs run their events.


Peter with Liberal Democrat candidate Rod Cantrill

He joined the Liberal Democrats in 2016 because they are the only party that understands the consequences of a hard Brexit, and are fighting to mitigate its impact at local and national levels.  Getting involved at a local level, he then started to hear about how the services that we all depend upon have been cut back by the Conservative county council and are at breaking point.  He says “The social care system is a mess -- elderly people struggle to get the care they need to live at home or get stuck in hospital.  Our schools were the best in the country but are now struggling to cope with inadequate funding.”

He is also campaigning against unsustainable development and says “we all understand that Cambridgeshire needs more houses as the county grows.  But new development must be sustainable and not just dropped on existing communities without additional supporting infrastructure.  Each new development must come with adequate schools, doctor’s surgeries, public transport and roads.  These facilities should not be an afterthought, provided many years after the houses are built.”


telephone: 07985 45414


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