Philip Allen

Philip Allen and Rod Cantrill

Philip (left) with Liberal Democrat Mayoral 
Candidate Rod Cantrill (centre) and a local 

Philip Allen first moved to Cambridgeshire over 20 years ago, and aside from spells working in Singapore and Australia, has enjoyed living here ever since, now with his wife and two children. He worked for many years as a modern language teacher and volunteers as a junior team coach at the cricket club where his children play. He now works as a freelance copy-editor, which gives him flexibility in his working hours to be an active county councillor, should he have the honour of being elected.


Philip Allen and Tim Farron

Philip (left) with Leader of the Liberal 
Democrats, Tim Farron (right) 

He has voted Liberal Democrat all his life, but it was the upheaval of last year’s vote that inspired him to get actively involved. He has been fortunate enough to both study and work in both France and Italy.

He says: "I benefited hugely from the wonderful experience that freedom of movement provided, and I am saddened that this is to be denied to my children. In my lifetime, the UK has been an increasingly prosperous beneficiary of the advantages of a group of nations cooperating together to bring harmony and avoid armed conflict against each other. No convincing case has been made to throw this all away for a hard Tory Brexit."

This is of course a local election, but the knock-on effects of the Brexit financial pain – the fall in the pound and subsequent price inflation – have a direct impact on funding for local services. This is worsened by the current Conservative-led county council imposing funding cuts even deeper than the Government’s austerity cuts plan demanded.

Cambridgeshire needs a Liberal Democrat county council which will fund the local services that residents need, and Hardwick needs a county councillor who will actually turn up to work hard on residents’ behalf, something they have sorely missed for the last few years.

Telephone: 07963 526137
Twitter: @pallen_cambs



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