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Welcome to the Ely North county division page covering the north and east of Ely and the areas of Chettisham and Prickwillow.

Local contacts


Alison Whelan

Lib Dem county councillor for Ely North and district councillor for Ely North

Christine Whelan

Lib Dem district councillor for Ely West

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Matt Downey

Lib Dem district councillor for Ely East

Simon Harries

Lib Dem district councillor for Ely North

Our area faces huge new housing developments - yet too few of those homes will prove affordable for local people.

Lots of people here, or their children, need somewhere affordable to rent or buy, but East Cambs has a poor record of putting affordable homes ahead of developers’ profits.

I want to make sure there are the services we all need to go along with the new homes. We need more school places, more activities for young people, more local shops that are convenient for north Ely residents and vital green space for everyone to be able to enjoy. These facilities are needed for existing residents as well as new ones.

I worry that the district council is pushing to build on more and more of Ely’s green spaces in a desperate attempt to make money. But the lockdown has showed how much we need green space within our city and how important it is that we safeguard it for the future.

Alison Whelan

The Lib Dem plan for our area

1. Protecting our green spaces
There must be a real commitment to protecting our environment, including our vital local green spaces. They are so important for a growing city like ours. And we must play our part in tackling climate change.

2. Better transport
Ely residents need better public transport around the city, especially as the new hospital grows. And we need better links to Cambridge so that congestion on the A10 doesn’t get even worse. Cycle routes around Ely could be so much better given how flat the area is.

3. Homes that are affordable
We must provide enough affordable homes along with the infrastructure – well-maintained roads, street lighting, school places and other local services – needed to support new and existing residents.

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Updated 10/5/2021

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