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Welcome to the Ely South county division page covering north-west and south areas of Ely and the area of Stuntney.

Local contacts


Piers Coutts

Lib Dem county councillor for Ely South

email-pic.png  [email protected]

phone-pic.png  07825 183104


Christine Whelan

Lib Dem district councillor for Ely West

phone-pic.png  07897 907357


Matt Downey

Lib Dem district councillor for Ely East

Ely has been my home for more than 40 years, and I want to do all I can to preserve and improve the quality of life here.

Rapid growth in the city brings opportunities but also creates challenges. Building enough houses – and especially enough affordable homes – is essential, but the infrastructure, such as roads and street lights, needs to keep pace with this development too.

Meanwhile our existing roads have fallen into a terrible state following the Conservative county council’s mismanagement of the repair contract. To make matters worse, the Conservatives have cut £7.5 million from the coming year’s road maintenance grant.

The problems extend to gulley clearance, which has caused preventable flooding in villages across the county. Amazingly the Conservative council took the decision to stop clearing gulleys routinely, even in flood-prone areas by the Great Ouse, and then scandalously reported that clearance work had been completed when it was never actually going to be done.

The Covid pandemic has highlighted how essential our local open spaces are to our physical and mental well-being, and we must protect them from inappropriate development. As a Fenland community, we are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Our commitment to protecting the environment must not be just a matter of saying the right things, but also of taking the necessary action.

Last but not least, local government here should be more open and transparent. The reasons for decisions should be explained publicly and be open to scrutiny. Cambridgeshire isn’t currently meeting those standards.

Piers Coutts

The Lib Dem plan for our area

1. Protect our green spaces
There must be a real commitment to protecting our environment, including our vital local green spaces. The lockdown has highlighted the importance of being able to get out into open spaces within the city, but East Cambs District Council’s commercial arm has been focussed on developing land to fund council spending. When our green spaces have gone, they are gone for good.

2. More affordable homes
We must provide enough affordable homes along with the infrastructure – well-maintained roads, street lighting, school places and other local services – needed to support new and existing residents.

3. Transparency in the council
We should work to improve transparency in local government, to ensure that the council’s decision-making is open to scrutiny and that it reflects local priorities. Too many matters recently have been marked ‘Not for Release’ or ‘Confidential’, and public trust is being strained.

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Updated 10/5/2021

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