Welcome to the Fulbourn county division page covering the southern part of Fen Ditton parish. It also contains Fulbourn, Great Wilbraham, Little Wilbraham, Stow-cum-Quy and Teversham parishes.

Local contacts


Claire Daunton

Lib Dem county councillor for Fulbourn

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phone-pic.png  07905 473395


John Williams

Lib Dem district councillor for Fen Ditton and Fulbourn

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Talking to residents across the different communities of this area, three issues come up regularly: public transport; the poor state of footpaths and roads; and cycle paths.

It all comes down to money. But better funding will only begin to tackle the problems if it’s well used. We know that, to spend money wisely, an overall plan is needed.

It will take several years to put right the mistakes and poor resourcing that have been the hallmark of the county council for some time, but with a proper plan the Lib Dems can make money work better for our area.

Repairing potholes in roads and footpaths has to be one of the top tasks on the list. And if broken paths are dangerous in daylight, they are even more hazardous in the dark. Many residents have spoken about their dismay after the county council removed one in ten streetlights. There are now places where whole sections of roads and paths are barely lit. A Lib Dem-run county council would work to re-install lights and ensure that all use energy-saving LED fittings.

Along with fixing our roads and paths, bringing in more reliable bus services will mean fewer car journeys, and this in turn will mean less wear on the highways.

A reduction in car traffic will make our roads safer for cyclists; but they will be even safer if the long-awaited Greenways through Fulbourn and Quy can be brought forward. Then we can start connecting up our other villages to the Greenways.

Claire Daunton

The Lib Dem plan for our area

1. Road and pavement repairs
We need regular checks and repairs of roads and footpaths carried out on a rolling cycle, across the whole division. The Conservative county council has managed the repair contract badly and a new council needs to fix this urgently.

2. Better public transport
I want to work with Stagecoach to look at trialling new routes or re-shaping routes to take in more villages; we should be bringing back the No 3 to Fulbourn and re-routing the No 1 through Teversham.

3. Better cycle routes
The county council needs to put in place regular reporting on the progress of the cycle Greenways, while thinking ahead to the different options for safely connecting outlying villages to major cycle routes.

3. 4. More affordable housing
We must ensure that the county council works with the Lib Dem district council so it can continue delivering more affordable housing, where it's appropriate to build affordable new homes.

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Updated 22/4/2021

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