Welcome to the Gamlingay county division page covering Abington Pigotts, Arrington, Barrington, Croydon, Gamlingay, Guilden Morden, Hatley, Litlington, Orwell, Shingay-cum-Wendy, Steeple Morden, Tadlow and Wimpole parishes.

Local contacts


Sebastian Kindersley

Lib Dem county councillor for Gamlingay

Aidan Van de Weyer

Lib Dem district councillor for Barrington

Bridget Smith

Lib Dem district councillor for Gamlingay

Sebastian is widely known for his leadership in persuading East West Rail to change its plans: instead of an ill-conceived Bassingbourn route, we will now see a station at Cambourne.

Sebastian's deep experience and astute understanding of planning matters make him indispensable in the fight against mass speculative development. He is part of the action group,, fighting the wholly inappropriate 25,000-homes development dubbed South West Cambridgeshire.

Meanwhile Sebastian has fought hard to ensure that any new large-scale housing in Gamlingay includes at least 40% affordable housing, and that these new homes are available to local people first, as at Station Road. Now with Downing Gardens being built, more Gamlingay people will have an opportunity to stay in the village where they grew up instead of being priced out.

Vital village transport has been strongly supported by Sebastian’s work with bus officers and operators, and the 127 service is now on a stronger footing.

Our schools have done a phenomenal job of supporting our children during the Covid pandemic, as have so many working parents. An experienced school governor, Sebastian will continue to fight their corner.

Proper investment in basic services is necessary to prevent problems from building up. Any development must be part of a sustainable infrastructure plan, encompassing drains in the road and good paths and pavements. The current Conservative county council has been defined by short-term thinking. Our communities deserve better.

The Lib Dem plan for our area

1. Roads need maintenance
The Conservative-run county council has failed to look after our roads and footways. Better organisation and proper investment is needed – not short-term thinking and temporary fixes.

2. No to Thakeham plan
Thakeham’s new town proposal goes against responsible planning and must be stopped. The Conservative government’s creeping centralised control of planning puts local decision-making for our area under threat. Thakeham has donated £536,000 to the Tory party so far, while stating its aim of securing a national government route to development, not via the district council. The local Lib Dem team will be fighting this every step of the way.

3. Villages need more support
From libraries to local buses to children’s centres, it’s services at the most local level that make the biggest difference to residents. Sebastian wants to see more than shoe-string support from the county council.

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Updated 10/5/2021

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