Highways repairs

A bit of an update on Highways maintenance and repairs, and how to report problems, and find out what is going on.

I'm very critical of many aspects of the County Council Highways department, and I hope when my party takes control of the Council (fingers crossed!) we'll be able to make a number of changes that will improve the service for residents. That said, reporting a fault does work most of the time.

A number of faults were reported with potholes on Milton Road over the last few months (happens every year after freezing as this is a busy road) and they were grouped together by the officers and an order made to repair them under standard Highways contract.

No new contracts were signed, just a standard order made from resident fault reports.

This latest set of repairs will realistically be 'papering over cracks'; the underlying surface is uneven, so, unfortunately, it is likely that they will reappear quickly.

The surface will only be really fixed when the road is resurfaced properly as part of the GCP Milton Road upgrade; this is why it’s so important that the project commences as soon as possible and is not delayed.

https://highwaysreporting.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/ is where you can report issues with the highway (roads, pavements, cycleways).

To find out what is going on you can look at https://one.network where you can also set alerts if you have a reliance on a particular route.

I can't stress enough - the reporting system is annoying and flawed, but reporting potholes and other faults in the Highway does work, and Councillors should only need to get directly involved if an unsatisfactory service is received, or you feel something hasn't been repaired to a good standard.

The system is currently being replaced and I have been working with officers to ensure that it provides a much improved service to residents.

If you want to make improvements to the Highway, there is a limited fund the County runs called the Local Highways Improvement fund - each year I try and present this as transparently as possible: https://www.cambridgelibdems.org.uk/selected_local_highways_bids_for_chesterton_2020

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