Histon and Impington

Welcome to the Histon and Impington county division page covering Histon, Impington and Orchard Park parishes.

Local contacts


Ros Hathorn

Lib Dem county councillor for Histon and Impington

Martin Cahn

Lib Dem district councillor for Histon and Impington

Pippa Heylings

Lib Dem district councillor for Histon and Impington

Steve Hunt

Lib Dem district councillor for Histon and Impington

I have lived in Impington since 2010. I run a small business with my husband and I have three children at school in the village. I am passionate about the area where I live, which has such a strong sense of community. I want to do all that I can to make it better.

I started campaigning when Highways England destroyed the trees that lined the A14. I led the group that got Highways England to fund an air-quality monitoring system. We also cut noise pollution during construction and got a commitment for better remedial landscaping.

I strive to work with the community to apply the pressure needed to achieve change. I organised the residents’ campaign that led to improvements in safety for pedestrians at the Cottenham Road junction.

I also led the group that persuaded Highways England to fund an air-quality monitoring system at Orchard Park school.

Covid has had a profound impact on our lives; businesses and households have faced challenges they never imagined. Over the coming year, we have to help people get back on their feet. And ‘building back better’ must take climate change seriously and make society fairer.

Ros Hathorn

The Lib Dem plan for our area

1. A greener environment
We need to protect local green spaces and support groups who want to enhance them. As the dangers of air pollution become better known, we need to tackle the traffic and congestion that cause it.

2. Thriving local businesses
We need to reinvigorate our High Street and support the businesses that have been hardest hit by the pandemic. More sustainable jobs are needed so that people live closer to where they work, reducing pressure on transport.

3. Safe and secure
We need to make our communities fairer so that people aren’t left behind, families aren’t reliant on food banks and young people don’t fall into a career of crime. That means better education and skills training, a healthy NHS and better public transport.

4. Connected to Cambridge
Orchard Park needs decent affordable bus services and better links to Cambridge, as well as safer routes for pedestrians and cyclists. The area’s parking problems need real solutions too.

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Updated 10/5/2021

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