Welcome to the Linton county division page covering Balsham, Bartlow, Carlton, Castle Camps, Great Abington, Hildersham, Horseheath, Linton, Little Abington, Shudy Camps, Weston Colville, West Wickham and West Wratting parishes.

Local contacts


Henry Batchelor

Lib Dem county councillor for Linton and district councillor for Linton

email-pic.png  [email protected]

phone-pic.png  07973 549541

twitter-pic.png  @HenryBatchelor1


Geoff Harvey

Lib Dem district councillor for Balsham

email-pic.png  [email protected]

phone-pic.png  07482 429729

twitter-pic.png  @geoffharvey3


John Batchelor

Lib Dem district councillor for Linton

email-pic.png  [email protected]

phone-pic.png  01223 892111

I was born and raised in Linton and I attended all three of the local schools. In all that time, there was never any money available to properly upgrade the A1307.

Now that there is, I want to ensure the money is spent in a sensible way, to get the most out of the upgrades for everybody in the area, not just those living in the villages along the road.

I am also keen to make sure that the level of development is kept at an acceptable level, and our communities are not over-expanded. Let’s keep our villages as villages.

Some of the more rural villages in our area are served by few - or no - buses, having been overlooked by the county council and bus companies. This needs to be addressed to avoid these communities becoming completely isolated and dependent on cars.

Henry Batchelor

The Lib Dem plan for our area

1. Improve the A1307
Linton division needs to get the best out of the money allocated to improve the A1307. This means all of the villages in the area must benefit, not just those located along the road.

2. No speculative development
Developers and landowners have submitted various parcels of land in the area to be considered for development. I want to make sure that no inappropriate development is allowed here.

3. Improve public transport
The Lib Dem team is working to help people who live in communities isolated by a lack of public transport or pedestrian links.

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Updated 10/5/2021

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