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Call for Cambridge Court to stay open

Lib Dems across Cambridgeshire want to stop the closure of Cambridge's Magistrates Court.

Closure would affect people in Cambridge, South Cambs and East Cambs who currently use the Cambridge Court.

Cllr Lorna Dupre is calling on the County Council to respond to the Government to say that that court should stay open.

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Council mustn't shirk responsibly over school meals

The Lib Dems are trying to ensure that good quality school meals are provided at Cambridgeshire schools once the council's own school meals service closes later this year.

Cllr Lucy Nethsingha will be proposing a motion stressing the importance of quality school meals to children's education.

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Keep library computers free

Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats are asking the County Council to think again about Conservative plans to charge people for using library computers.

Cllr Henry Batchelor will be proposing a motion at today's County Council meeting.

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Lib Dems continue fight against Conservative plans to squeeze money out of poor people who need care

Cambridgeshire Lib Dems continue to oppose unfair demands for money being made upon people who need care.

The Conservative County Council wants to charge people on very low incomes more for their care.

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County Council must come clean on state of roads

Histon & Impington councillor David Jenkins is campaigning for the County Council to look after our roads, cyclepaths and pavements properly.

“The terrible state of our highways is obvious to everyone. The Council must come clean about how much is needed to keep them in a decent state,” said Cllr Jenkins.

He has submitted a motion for debate at the next Council meeting calling on the council to clarify what is needed and set about finding the money.

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Improving mental health in schools

Lucy Nethisngha, the Leader of the Lib Dems on the County Council has, for the past year, been the Chair of a group looking at Education Policy across England for the Liberal Democrats.

She writes:

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Stop closure of Cambridge magistrates court

Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats are trying to stop the closure of the Magistrate Court.

The court serves residents across Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire and even East Cambridgeshire. The magistrates court in Ely was closed a few years ago, when people were told they would have to use the Cambridge court.

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Cuts to Race Equality services are bound to increase racial differences

Cambs County Council has come under fire for cutting grants to its Race Equality services to schools, rather than using the recent tax-rise to continue them.

Cllr Lucy Nethsingha, Leader of the county' s LibDem Group said this week: "Most people in Cambridgeshire deplore racially-motivated tensions , which CREDS, the Cambridgeshire Race Equality and Diversity Service exists to combat in schools."

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Petition against charging for library internet use

Liberal Democrats in Cambridgeshire have launched a campaign to protect people’s free internet access at libraries.

The Conservatives have proposed a charge for people using the internet at the library for more than half an hour and the Lib Dems are campaigning to stop this unfair charge being introduced

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Children’s Centres to close as taxpayers’ money to sit in council bank account

Lib Dem proposals to keep Cambridgeshire’s Children’s Centres open have been quoshed by the ruling Conservatives.

At Tuesday’s budget-setting meeting, Conservative Councillors voted to raise Council Tax 4.99% but put the money in the council’s bank account rather than go on public services.

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