St Ives North and Wyton

Welcome to the St Ives North and Wyton county division page covering the north of St Ives town and Wyton-on-the-Hill parish.

Local contacts


James Catmur

Local Lib Dem campaigner

email-pic.png  [email protected]

phone-pic.png  07770 580976

I have lived and worked in Cambridgeshire for 35 years, and my wife and I raised two children here. After my wife died from Motor Neurone Disease in 2016, I felt it was time to follow in her footsteps - she had always spent time helping and looking out for other people, and I wanted to do the same.

I saw how poor the care provision is in Cambridgeshire and wanted to help improve it and make it fairer.

I am a transport consultant and I realised that my skills could be helpful in other areas. I became a parish councillor and I provide advice on road safety, and on the A14, A428 and East West Rail.

I will use my skills to help Cambridgeshire County Council improve the state of our road and transport network. We need to change transport to make it low carbon and look to ‘mobility as a service’ to provide more equitable transport. We also need to stop paying hidden road taxes (damaged tyres, ruined suspension) and make our network fit for the future.

I am disabled so you will not see me out and about canvassing. My disability means I cannot serve you physically but I will be an active councillor challenging the county council on behalf of those of us who find too many people do not understand what we face.

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Updated 10/5/2021

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